david on photography & once-in-a-lifetime moments:

What I like about photography is the ability to capture a moment than can never be replicated. Whether it be a football player making his first tackle on varsity, or a lacrosse player scoring her first goal, or a volleyball team reacting to the team scoring a point like they just won the state championship, photography allows me to capture that one moment. It also allows me to stand side-by-side with athletes and watch them succeed.  I love portraiture for an entirely different reason. With a lot of portraits that we take, I know that photo will be on the wall of somebody's house for the next 20 years or in a photo album that a child finds, acting like a mini time capsule to the past.  What I love about photography the most is the interaction with our customers and getting to know them not only as a customer, but as an actual person. We get to see kids grow up and become adults and having the chance to chronicle that through my camera is the most rewarding.

lily on photography & art:

Photography has an uncanny ability to make anything into art.  As a photographer, it is our job to harness the aspects of a moment in time and make that art clearer to the viewer.  This is definitely my favorite thing about photography.  I enjoy finding the beauty in each subject that I photograph - especially the ones that most people don't typically think of as beautiful - and revealing it to our customers.  My goal is to show them their lives in a whole new way.