what to wear

Clothing is an integral part of how we express our personalities, which makes it an important aspect on senior portraits.  Here are some suggestions to consider.

  1. BRING YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT.  You need to feel comfortable and confident, so bring the outfit you wear most often.
  2. VARIETY IS KEY.  Focus on bringing a few outfits that show a variety of colors and styles, rather than just bringing a high number of outfits.  Most importantly, make sure that the outfits you bring are clothing that you would actually wear outside of a portrait session.  Now is not the time to try a new look that you may not make you feel 100% comfortable.  
  3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SCHOOL'S REQUIREMENTS.  Every school has different requirements, rules, and guidelines.  Make sure you know what your school expects!  

NORTH FORSYTH HIGH SCHOOLMust take a formal and casual portrait.  No major wardrobe restrictions - just be tasteful.

BUFORD HIGH SCHOOL: Must take a formal and casual portrait.  Any outfit submitted for yearbook selection CANNOT feature strapless shirts, tank tops of any kind, or low-cut necklines.

HORIZON CHRISTIAN ACADEMY: Must take a formal portrait.

what to bring with you

  1. MUST HAVE ITEMS:  Girls, be sure to bring make-up, hair styling products, safety pins, lotion, and a strapless shirt or tank top to wear underneath your formal drape.  Guys, be sure to bring hair styling products (if you need them), a white undershirt to wear underneath the formal tuxedo, and a dress shirt and tie to wear in your cap and gown portrait.
  2. IMPORTANT DETAILS:  Keep in mind that props and accessories take portraits to the next level.  That means that you should definitely bring jewelry (i.e. class ring, pearls for formal portrait, etc.), shoes, belts, hats, and any props that help you showcase your hobbies and interests.  Props can include, but are definitely not limited to your pet, athletic equipment, musical instrument, letter jacket, or vehicle.
  3. IF YOU ARE NERVOUS, BRING A FRIEND.  You are welcome to bring parents, family members, or friends to your session.  However, I would try to limit this to people who help you feel at ease and relaxed.