We love environmental portraiture.  We feed off of the location when shaping portraits, allowing us to consider what poses and moments we can create within the shape of a setting. When our friend Sydney and her partner asked us to photograph their engagement in Nashville, we were so excited.  We have never done a session in Nashville, and the prospect of exploring in a historically cool city really got our gears turning.

Even though the weather was not on our side (rain + cold + wind), we could not pass up the opportunity.  Sydney and Anna just snuggled together every moment they could (not that they really needed an excuse).  They powered through it, and we could not be more pleased with the results.  The rain pushed through to reveal fleeting bursts of sunshine in between moody, cloudy skies.  It turned out to be perfect for their style.  It just goes to show that having "ideal" conditions for portraits isn't really a requirement.   We did things our way.