During the hectic summer senior portrait season, it is always nice to be able to go to a new location and be creative.  Hudson's family operates Cottage Hill Farm in Cumming, and we were lucky enough to take the majority of Hudson's portraits for his Ultimate session on his family's property.  The session started off like most senior portrait sessions, but then it took a much more exciting turn.  We definitely had our share of action: trying to beat the thunderstorm that was about to arrive, horses have other plans than having their portrait taken (including trying to steal Linda's hat), encountering impressive mud and puddles, and finally having the skies explode half-way through our time at the stables.

Like most high school boys, Hudson arrived at our studio, mostly reserved.  But once he was in his element at the stable, you could see how at ease he was being around the horses.  We had so much fun meeting each horse and seeing their individual personalities (especially Percy).  All of the horses seemed like they were his friend and there was a mutual respect between them that was really touching.  

Have an amazing senior year, Hudson!  It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family (both human and animal alike)!