When we were talking about who should be the faces of the Class of 2017, Connor immediately came to mind.  We have known Connor and his family for a long time, and having watched him grow up into an amazing young man, we knew that he would be a great choice.  Fast forward to our conversation with his mother Kelly, where we were discussing the details of the upcoming shoot.  She mentions this Pinterest idea (gulp) that she had and how she wanted to use the historic gym at Forsyth Central High School to showcase his wrestling stuff.  

We had no idea how touched we would be when we saw Kelly's PInterest idea.  She arrived with a picture that was taken on Connor's first day of school in a frame and a matching shirt of Connor to wear.  While most guys would protest any sentimental idea that their mother would suggest, Connor graciously obliged.  As simple as this gesture would seem, it is an example of the type of young man that Connor has become.  During his session, he was the picture of respect.  

We are so blessed to know families like Connor's, who have supported us from the beginning and embraced us as part of their community.  Connor, we cannot thank you and your family enough.  Now, go and kill your senior year!