MIC & TD | CLASS OF 2017

Well, we have made it to our last senior model session of the summer - and we packed TWO seniors into this one!  Mic & TD are twin brothers that attend Buford High School, but at first glance, you may never tell that they are related! 

After spending a few hours together with these Division 1 football athletes, there is no doubt these two are brothers. 1) They are both crazy athletic.  TD plays running back and linebacker and is committed to playing football at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Mic is committed to playing quarterback at East Carolina. 2) They are low-key.  Both come off as quiet by nature but after a few minutes of talking about Buford, football, and the lake, you can tell that these two have a lot more going on underneath the cool exterior.  

Mic & TD are not just football champions.  They are life champions as well.  Best of luck this season and in the future guys, we know your stars shine bright in everything that you do!