Summer is typically 100% portrait season for us. We love spending it meeting new clients, visiting with long-time friends, soaking in the sunshine as we go. On the rare occasion, we decide to take on a summer wedding - but only for the right couple. Sidney and Josh are most definitely the most special and most right couple for which to brave the summer heat.

When Sidney and Josh contacted us to photograph their wedding, we knew that it would be a different than any other wedding we have photographed. Let us count the reasons:

1) We have known Josh since he was in high school. He and his family have been a such a joy to know for years, and Josh has always been a bit of an old soul.

2) Josh and Sidney both serve in the military (Sidney is a Military Intelligence Officer and Josh is an armor officer). This means that several people in the wedding party and attending the festivities were not to be messed with (As one of the bridesmaids said to me at one point, “I can take bullets, but I can’t take people.”). A-type personalities. High expectations. A lot of graciousness.

3) We traveled to Savannah, GA for this wedding. Needless to say, it was probably the hottest wedding we have ever photographed. A trillion percent humidity. Unpredictable rainfall. The feeling of standing on the sun. You get the idea.

All that being said, this wedding was beyond memorable. Sidney and Josh are just bursting with love for each other. It was infectious. Their families were kind and celebrated together as if they had known each other forever. So much laughter. So many happy tears.


Our spring wedding season has been amazing and it is hard to believe that is almost summer. We have had the pleasure of photographing so many sweet weddings in the last few months - and the feeling of witnessing love’s confirmation never gets old. A bride asked us recently to tell her what our favorite part of photographing weddings was. While I did answer her question in that meeting, I can say that Bailey and Ryan’s intimate wedding was a pure embodiment of it.

Every detail was so personal and genuine: Bailey braiding one of her bridesmaid’s hair, a hotel room full of people who love each other, possibly the most personal gift given to a father of the bride that I have ever seen, Ryan carefully tending to the day-of checklist with precision - only to have a totally serene expression when Bailey was mentioned.

Real deal emotion: Sometimes it is easy for couple to get lost in the pomp and circumstance of their wedding day. Not Bailey and Ryan. There was an effortlessness to how they expressed their love for one another, their small gestures to each other as they read their vows, the unspoken connected shared in glances throughout the ceremony. Even this wedding veteran shed a little tear during Ryan’s opus to Bailey - I have no shame about it.

So what is it that I love so much about photographing weddings? Being reminded that real love does exist and being able to document it. Just look at any of the images where these two lovebirds are together and you can only agree that Bailey and Ryan are living, breathing examples of the beauty of love for another human being. Every moment was for the other, even if it meant pinky-swearing during dinner, holding hands as they spoke to guests, gushing admiration about each other any time when they were given the opportunity, laughing at the stories being told during toasts, using some mid-reception portraits as an opportunity to kiss each other a few more times. Seeing these things are what made my heart grow ten sizes that day.


Weddings are magical things. They show the height of human emotion and potential for love. They give us a glimpse into the most beautiful parts of our minds and hearts. Sirena and Rohan’s intimate ceremony at Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Museum only reminded us that love can be find you at any point of life - all you have to do is embrace it.

After a week of chilly weather and rain, Sirena and Rohan somehow had the most beautiful weather for their wedding day! The Millennium Gate Museum provided classic architectural elements which became a lovely canvas for the romantic details of the day. Both Sirena and Rohan were absolutely beaming, and the tenderness between them was palpable.

Five Things a Sports Photographer Brings to a Shoot:

So our last blog post was about five favorites a portrait photographer brings to a shoot. This week we are talking about five favorites a sports photographer brings to a shoot. We wanted to do these posts back to back to illustrate how different each photo shoot can be, specifically focusing on equipment in this case. When shooting sports, you must be prepared for action, literally. With so many quick movements to capture you need to be able to think fast not only on your feet, but creatively as well.


Our first item is something all of you have, trash bags. Trash bags are a great backup for weather. Even though we now have our rain covers for our cameras, we still bring trash bags. Of course, the first time we used them wasn’t exactly a success story. This was back when we had first started the business. We only had two cameras at this point. We were at a local high school shooting a game and of course the weather was absolutely horrible, and we hadn’t gotten around to purchasing one of the professional camera covers yet. We had seen other photographers use trash bags, so we decided to cover up the camera and wrap it in athletic tape to secure it. Flash forward a bit, we didn’t wrap up the camera well enough. And unfortunately, we had a camera causality that day. Eventually we learned how to properly secure the camera in a trash bag, and it worked wonders! So for those of you thinking about using trash bags make sure you seal it up correctly or it won’t be a good day. Trust us.


Moving on to number two. A monopod is very similar to a tripod, but it is much simpler to use and transport which is great for sports and action-based shoots. It allows the photographer to increase the cameras stability which produces sharper images. This is perfect for those shots across the field where you wouldn’t have time to get to the other side to capture the entirety of the play.   


Comfortable shoes are our next favorite and are key for shooting sports. You are constantly moving around whether on the field or on the court in order to capture the perfect shot. And at the end of a day when you’ve shot three for four games, your feet will be thanking you. Also, if we are really giving our five favorites we could even get as specific as saying New Balance and Vans are our favorite shoe brands to shoot in.


Moving on to some of the most important pieces. Our 70-200 f/2.8 lens. This lens is crucial for sports photographers as it offers a lot of versatility. You could be shooting right next to a batter at home plate and get a perfect photo and then shoot across the field to capture a play and get just as crisp of an image. Because of the speed of the lens it does wonders for shooting in low light situations, such as an indoor court. Shooting in low light can result in grainy images but the speed of this lens helps to counteract it.


Our final favorite is our 300mm or a 400mm f/2.8 lens. These lens’ allow you the option of more coverage of the field, meaning you can capture more content in your image. So you can get that wide shot of that final touchdown or that winning goal. It’s also a good idea to bring two different lenses as it offers a bit of variety depending on what sport you are shooting.


Even though we said our five favorite we had to include one more. So what is the last one? Two camera bodies. Because again, always be prepared.

Our Five Favorite Items to Bring on a Shoot :

Hello all! We wanted to mix things up today. We thought it could be kind of neat for you guys to take a bit of a peek into the business, you know a little behind the scenes action. So for all you photography nerds out there, read on to learn about our five favorite pieces of equipment to bring along on a portrait shoot!  


Just diving right in here, but our first choice would have to be a scrim. A scrim allows you to soften sunlight and makes it SO much easier to shoot in direct light, especially during that mid-afternoon time when the sun is at its peak. Think of it almost as a portable shade provider.  


Moving on to number two, because we like to be super prepared, we always bring two camera bodies with us. Just in case one of them decides it doesn’t want to work. It’s always important to be over-prepared for a shoot because it creates a good sense of professionalism for the client.


For numbers three and four we have listed our favorite lenses, particularly for portrait sessions. The first, and the one we always bring with us, is our 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. This one has amazing versatility. It allows you the option to shoot both wide and tighter shots, making it the perfect candidate for portraits. The second is either our 50mm or our 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. We prefer to select the lens based on the shoot so we usually bring only one of the two. The 50mm is best for more compact shots since it is set at a fixed focal length. The 70-200mm f/2.8 lens works great for shooting at more of distance, for instance in a city setting where you would want to include more in the background.


And finally, drumroll please, our last item we always bring with us is a flash. Flashes are super key to shooting in low light and they allow you to create dramatic spotlight effects, which is always a fun way to add some creative flair.


And so there you have it! Our top five favorite items to bring on a shoot. We hope you found this useful or even inspiring for your future endeavors.